Our Group
Strategic Outsourcing Partner

Operations Excellence

Our primary objective is to add value to our clients through operational excellence, stewardship and deep domain knowledge. At Mpower Logic, our clients come first – Our corner stones are built around providing long-lasting and measurable value to our clients and exceed their expectations.

We work closely with our client project trams to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and well structured Service Level Agreements (SLAs) early on in the process. We believe that the most successful outsourcing relationships involve the outsourcing provider and the client participating in continuous process improvements.

We always take a phased approach for most of the projects we undertake

  • Understand the objectives of Offshoring and expected benefits –Why?
  • Understand the current processes carried in these projects – How?
  • Establish a dedicated offshore team suitable for the project
  • Identify the appropriate training program for the offshore team
  • Carry out pilot project(s) in a controlled environment
  • Fine-tune the processes as necessary
  • Move in to a production environment
  • Continue sly monitor performance against SLA
  • On-going process improvement