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Consumer base world over is increasing. The number of services organizations offer to this ever growing consumer base, is increasing. The number of times consumers contact their service providers is also increasing. Given this, it becomes imperative for businesses to make these contacts or customer interaction points efficient and accessible.

Technology without doubt has a huge role to play in this and technology without doubt is also changing constantly. What is new today becomes obsolete tomorrow. What is an asset today could become a liability tomorrow. The inherent risk of technology choice, transitioning between technologies and challenges of managing and maximizing multiple technologies pose huge challenges.

MPower's professional services team is trained to stay on top of technology changes happening in the market; shield customers from redundancy and enable them to stay in line with the adoption curve. The team adopts a structured process to introduce new products and services to the market from the idea stage to the PoC and implementation stage and/or final product deliverable based on market acceptance and utility of the product/service. Systematic ideation, documentation, timely investment decisions and finally integration – both internal and external are drawn out keeping business objectives in mind.

Some technologies we are tracking closely and have significantly invested in are Cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Contact Center solutions, network based routing, mediated interaction matching / Intelligent Self-Service, Video enabled customer self-service and agent support, Customer Support via Social Media, Precision based routing and Work Assignment.

While we keep an eye on future technologies, our experience of having designed and delivered over 1000 CIM solutions across the globe ensures that we enable Contact Centers and Enterprises to optimize their interaction ecosystem.