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QA & Automation Practice

MPower is the provider of software quality assurance and testing services through on-site, off-site, offshore delivery model. Whether you need to augment your existing QA department or outsource your entire QA process, MPower Logic can accommodate your needs.

We follow a robust and mature software Quality Assurance process to create a strategic test plan, with regular reviews and sign-offs by the customer. We help our customers manage risks associated with software by locating critical software defects earlier in the SDLC, thus reducing re-development and maintenance overheads.

The process followed in various software testing projects on different technologies for a range of software applications are documented and added to our knowledge base. This provides us the capability to re-use the test Harness, hence providing significant time and cost benefits to our customers.

We offer following affordable, end-to-end Quality Assurance services for web site, Client-server, wireless, Telematics and Desktop applications.

  • Load and Stress Testing.
  • Scalability and Performance Testing.
  • Functionality and Compatibility Testing.
  • Security and Wireless Testing.
  • Automation/Regression and White box/API Testing.
  • Usability and Migration Testing.
  • Internationalization and Localization Testing.

Why Outsource QA Testing?

Outsourcing frees your in-house resources. The skill set needed for software testing is comparable to that of an engineer in any other sophisticated development activity. Using MPower Logic's staff allows you to keep your engineers and their management deployed on your development programs, while ensuring high quality testing for your products.

This is particularly true for Load & Automated software testing, it requires experience and training to maximize the benefit of an investment in this sort of technology. MPower Logic's professional Quality Assurance engineers saves you dollars and schedule time that would otherwise be spent on recruiting and training in-house test automation specialists.


Why choose MPower Logic Technologies for your QA testing needs?

Our objective is to secure your success. We accomplish this by providing a focused team fluent in today's software engineering and testing methodologies to ensure the reliability of the systems tested. The depth of our knowledge and experience lets us determine not only that something doesn't work, but why and how best to fix it.

Our infrastructure also gives us an edge. We maintain a vast library of desktop systems, servers, laptops, operating systems, browsers, games, business software, modems, etc. for compatibility testing. Our facilities allow us to set up complex testing scenarios and our delivery model lets us test on-site when appropriate.

Our online bug tracking software is available to you and your staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is absolutely secure and very easy to use.